Building Ecommerce Websites in Singapore: What Should Your Buyers Know

Building Ecommerce Websites

When building ecommerce websites in Singapore, including relevant information and details on your item is essential! Discover what should your buyers know for you and your business!


No matter which ecommerce solution provider or website builder you chose, no matter which marketplace you choose to sell on, you should always include important information and details on the products you sell.

So, before launching your own ecommerce site in Singapore you should list all necessary details including how are you going to deliver the product, common questions & answers, and information on product’s size, measurements, color, and etc. This information will increase shopper’s confidence and makes them more likely to purchase from you.

We assume you know that you’ll also need a photo of the product you sell as nobody will purchase your products if there are no images. An actual photo is always preferred, however, it is a brand new item, you can always use stock images.

When describing the product, there are a few very important information your buyers should know:

  • The condition of the product: You should describe the condition of the product you sell, whether it is a brand new or used product. If you are selling old or used products, be honest with your customers. They will appreciate it.
  • What features does the product have: It is important to describe the product in details or you can copy the explanation text from the manufacturer’s website.
  • What forms of payment do you accept? Your customers should know how can they purchase your items.
  • Will you do meet-ups and if yes, when you can meet?
  • Will you ship the products by courier or by post? If you are going to use a shipping service, you should inform your shoppers about possible delivery and postage charges.
  • How long will it take (business days) for your product to arrive? Your customers should know exactly how long they will wait to receive the item they ordered.
  • Return policy, missing items, and other policies should be clearly presented.

As long as you have this information on your ecommerce site, you’ll have no troubles selling your products in Singapore.

So, go ahead, pick your best ecommerce websites builder, build your own store, and start selling to your new Singaporean customers!

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